The Politics of the Common Good (Online)

Jane R Goodall + Christine Jackman



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Jane R Goodall

Jane R Goodall

Jane Goodall is the author of academic books and articles with a focus on the avant-garde and cultural change. These include recent contributions to the Cambridge Anthology of Theatre and Science (2020) and Artaud and the Gnostic Drama (2021). She has also written successful crime thrillers and contributed widely to publications on writing and cultural transition. Her most recent work is concerned with the urgent need for culturally driven political change in our own time, a case she argues in The Politics of the Common Good (NewSouth 2019). She writes regularly for Inside Story.

Christine Jackman

Christine Jackman

Christine Jackman began her career as a journalist with the Courier-Mail in Brisbane, Australia, in 1993. She has worked in New York as a foreign correspondent for NewsCorp, in the Canberra press gallery and as the Australian's social issues writer. After several years as a staff writer for the Weekend Australian Magazine, Christine embraced freelance journalism, with features published in Good Weekend, Vogue and the Australian Women's Weekly. She is also a communications consultant. 

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