Silent Battles (Online)

Paul Browning + Shannon Molloy + Mary Hoang + Christine Jackman



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Paul Browning

Paul Browning

Dr Paul Browning has been a school principal for more than 20 years and is currently Headmaster of St Paul's School in Brisbane, listed amongst the world's 100 most innovative learning organisations by Cambridge University's Innovation 800 series. Paul is a sought-after guest speaker in Australia and internationally, drawing from his evidenced-based research- 'Compelling Leadership - the importance of trust and how to get it'. 

As reported in The Courier-Mail, Browning is 'one of the most respected and influential figures in education in the country'. He was awarded best non-government school principal in 2018 and is the recipient of the Miller-Grassie Award for Outstanding Leadership in Education for his contribution to research, literature and leadership.

Shannon Molloy

Shannon Molloy

Shannon Molloy is an award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience working for major media outlets spanning print and digital, covering news, business, celebrity and human interest. His debut book is Fourteen, a moving coming-of-age memoir about a young man’s search for identity and acceptance in the most unforgiving and hostile of places - high school.

Mary Hoang

Mary Hoang

Mary Hoang is an entrepreneur, artist and the head psychologist and founder of The Indigo Project, Australia’s largest and most progressive psychology practice. Since 2009, she has been pioneering a creative approach to psychology. Mary has emerged as a leader in the humanisation and transformation of the mental health industry. After her father’s death in 2017, Mary turned to art and writing to explore the darker aspects of life – anxieties, fears, insecurities, loss, emotional pain and ‘baggage’ – and how these hold the keys to insight, meaning and purpose. The moving artworks she produced, utilising sound, psychology and installation, informed groundbreaking research by the University of Melbourne. Mary explores aspects of these immersive audio experiences in her book, Darkness is Golden, which will be published by Pantera Press in 2021.

Christine Jackman

Christine Jackman

Christine Jackman began her career as a journalist with the Courier-Mail in Brisbane, Australia, in 1993. She has worked in New York as a foreign correspondent for NewsCorp, in the Canberra press gallery and as the Australian's social issues writer. After several years as a staff writer for the Weekend Australian Magazine, Christine embraced freelance journalism, with features published in Good Weekend, Vogue and the Australian Women's Weekly. She is also a communications consultant. 

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