The Ruin/The Killing of Louisa

Irish Crime and Australian Crime

Dervla McTiernan + Janet Lee

Auditorium 2, State Library of Queensland

Action/Crime / True Crime



#About the event


Dervla McTiernan

Dervla McTiernan

Dervla McTiernan was born in Ireland and now lives with her family in Western Australia, where she works for the Mental Health Commission.

The Rúin is her first novel.

Janet Lee

Janet Lee

Janet Lee’s manuscript The Killing of Louisa, won the Emerging Queensland Writer category in the 2017 Queensland Literary Awards. She has a Doctor of Creative Arts from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Janet lives in south east Queensland on a property she shares with some very spoilt chickens and her wonderful noisy family.

Photography by Bambi.  


Prof Kay Saunders

Prof Kay Saunders

Professor Kay Saunders AM is a widely published author and historian.

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