Bird at My Table/A Honeybee Heart has Five Openings

Ecology In Your Backyard

Darryl Jones + Helen Jukes (UK)

Auditorium 2, State Library of Queensland

Environment / Relationships / Science



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Darryl Jones

Darryl Jones

Darryl Jones is a professor of ecology based at Griffith University in Brisbane. He has been investigating the process of urbanisation and its effects on biodiversity for over three decades, with a special focus on why some species are successful in cities and others are not. These studies led to the alarming discovery that cities are also full of people, and that there were many ways in which humans and wildlife interact. Some of these encounters are negative and even dangerous (think magpies in spring), while others were mutually beneficial and even profound.

His recent investigations of bird feeding uncovered plenty of evidence of both. Feeding birds is extremely controversial in Australia (but not elsewhere) and is strongly opposed by most bird and conservation groups. Despite this, people here participate in feeding at the same levels as in countries were the practice is actively promoted. 

Understanding the origins of this very popular pastime around the world, the reasons why people feed birds and the ecological and social implications of all that bird food has resulted in the first book to look at this intriguing topic.

Helen Jukes (UK)

Helen Jukes (UK)

Helen Jukes is a writer, beekeeper, and writing tutor. Her writing has appeared in Caught by the River, BBC Wildlife, Resurgence, Backroad Journal, The Junket, and LITRO. She tutors on the creative writing programme at Oxford University, and also with the Bee Friendly Trust, a London-based charity founded by beekeeper Luke Dixon to promote our understanding of honeybees and help nurture sustainable habitats.

She lives in the Welsh Marches, UK.


Emma Griffiths

Emma Griffiths

From breaking news and political reporting to the latest in entertainment, Emma Griffiths loves the variety of presenting a fast paced Drive program. Taking up a post in Moscow for 4 years saw Emma reporting on the school siege in Beslan, the political upheavals of Ukraine’s “orange” revolution, travelling to the Arctic circle and of course, keeping a close eye on Vladimir Putin. Emma’s coverage in Beslan won her a highly commended nod in the 2005 Walkley Awards. The road from Moscow led to Sydney and Canberra for a long stint of political reporting, including a number of years reporting from the Parliament House bureau. Emma has moved back to her home town and now presents the ABC Brisbane Drive program.

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