Book Launch: The Edge of Memory

Patrick Nunn

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Patrick Nunn

Patrick Nunn

Currently Professor of Geography at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Patrick Nunn formerly taught and researched for 25 years at the international University of the South Pacific, based at its Fiji campus. It was here he developed interests in Indigenous knowledge and particularly in ancient stories, some of which he considers recall observations of memorable events long before written records began.

For the last decade, Patrick’s research interests have extended to Australian Indigenous stories.  His analysis of ‘drowning’ stories from 22 sites along the Australian coast suggest that Aboriginal Australians kept alive memories of post-glacial sea-level rise - when the ocean rose across the continent’s fringes - for more than 7000 years. 

His new book, The Edge of Memory, discusses these stories and similar ones from Europe and India.    For sustained service to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Patrick shared its award of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.  He also received the Gregory Medal of the Pacific Science Association in 2003 and, in May 2018, was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland. 

Patrick is a prodigious writer with over 250 peer-reviewed publications to his credit including six books.  

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