Latitudes of Longing (Online)

Bem Le Hunte + Shubhangi Swarup



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Bem Le Hunte

Bem Le Hunte

Bem Le Hunte is the author of several short stories and four novels. 'The Seduction of Silence' and 'There, Where the Pepper Grows', have become number one bestsellers and been published internationally to critical acclaim. 'Elephants with Headlights' is her latest novel, published in 2020 just before COVID struck! 

She is also a Professor at the University of Technology Sydney, where she’s the founding Director of the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, a transdisciplinary, future-facing degree that teaches creativity across 25 different disciplines and explores the porous boundaries between fields, disciplines and industries. She has a BA and MA in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University and a Creative Doctorate from the University of Sydney (where she wrote an exegesis on the relationship between creativity and transcendence). Bem has also worked through three decades in the creative industries, and is currently researching creativity in education. Writing has always been her elemental passion, and the gift of this calling has allowed her to flourish in many ways and worlds – well beyond the written word.

Shubhangi Swarup

Shubhangi Swarup

Shubhangi Swarup was awarded the 2012 Charles Pick Fellowship for Creative Writing at UEA on the strength of her first novel. An award-winning journalist, she travelled to and lived in all the places in whichLatitudes of Longing, her first novel, is set, working as a teacher and undercover reporter. She lives in Mumbai.

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