In conversation with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Ode to the Ocean

Philip Hoare (UK)

The Edge, State Library of Queensland

Contemporary Storytelling / Environment



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Philip Hoare (UK)

Philip Hoare (UK)

Philip Hoare is the author of eight works of non-fiction. His book Leviathan or, The Whale won the 2009 BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction. It was followed in 2013 by The Sea Inside.  His new book, RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR, the third of his sea-themed works, is published by Fourth Estate. 

An experienced broadcaster, curator and filmmaker, he presented the BBC film The Hunt for Moby-Dick, and is a regular contributor to The Guardian.  He is Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Southampton, UK, and curator of the Moby-Dick Big Read,, a free online version of Melville's book which has received 5 million hits to date.  


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl’s media career spans more than 30 years, talking about Science in newspapers, radio, TV and books — 43 to date. His accolades range from the Ig Nobel Prize from Harvard University for his groundbreaking research into belly button fluff, to being one of Australia’s 100 National Living Treasures. Since 1995, he has been the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney.

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