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Lauren Chater

Lauren Chater

Lauren Chater writes historical fiction with a particular focus on women’s stories. After working in the media sector for many years, she turned her passion for reading and research into a professional pursuit. In 2014, she was the successful recipient of the Fiona McIntosh Commercial Fiction scholarship. In addition to writing fiction, she established The Well Read Cookie, a blog which celebrates her love of baking and literature.

She lives in Sydney with her husband and two children. The Lace Weaver is her first novel, and she is currently working on her second, Gulliver’s Wife.


Alex Adsett

Alex Adsett

Alex Adsett is a literary agent specialising in genre fiction, as well as a freelance publishing consultant offering commercial contract advice to authors and publishers.  She has more than eighteen years experience working in the publishing and bookselling industry and has managed Alex Adsett Publishing Services since 2008. As a consultant, Alex helps authors and publishers negotiate publishing contracts in line with industry standards.  As a literary agent, she is focused on finding exceptional manuscripts for adults, young adults and childrens. Alex represents a select stable of authors including Maria Lewis, Gary Kemble, Jodi McAlister, Shannon Horsfall, and Kylie Chan.

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