In conversation with Krissy Kneen

Choose Somebody Else

Yvonne Fein

Queensland Terrace, State Library of Queensland

Comedy/Satire / Home/Family/Childhood



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Yvonne Fein

Yvonne Fein

Yvonne Fein is a daughter of Holocaust survivors, an experience that drove her to write about the fallout creatively, to investigate it academically and seek answers from religion unsuccessfully. She has had 3 novels published: April Fool, Torn Messiah, Rachel Racing Time (a Young Adult novel). Most recently (2018) her collection of short stories  entitled Choose Somebody Else has been published by Wild Dingo Press.

Her awards for screenwriting include Best Action Adventure in the Gotham Screenplay Competition (New York) and runner up in the Rhode Island Film Festival. She has written two full-length dramas for the theatre, edited two literary journals and award-winning Holocaust memoirs. Her essays, reviews and stories ( 6 of which appear in her current collection) have been published in Australia, Israel, US and UK.

Most recently she conducted creative writing workshops for people suffering mental illness and, as part of an advocacy group for people with disability, she has, improbably, performed stand-up comedy to bring their case to the public’s attention.


Krissy Kneen

Krissy Kneen

Krissy Kneen is the author of the memoir Affection, the novels Steeplechase, Triptych, The Adventures of Holly White and the Incredible Sex Machine, and the Thomas Shapcott Award winning poetry collection Eating My Grandmother and An Uncertain Grace, shortlisted for the Stella Prize and the Aurealis awards.

Wintering is her latest novel.

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