Our 2022 Youth Ambassadors

To kick off the new year, BWF would like to introduce to you our 2022 Youth Ambassadors!

BWF Youth Ambassadors help curate, champion, and host the festival’s youth programs. The program started in 2018 as an opportunity for passionate readers aged 14–24 to become involved in the Brisbane writing community and build their skills with an arts organisation.

Here is a little bit about our successful applicants: [left to right]

Alex is an illustrative artist, currently studying his diploma in Library and Information Services. He is currently part of the marketing and advertising committee of Prima Spada Queensland and has been writing a YA fantasy series in the last 6 years. His passions are in history, natural conservation, and disability and queer rights.

Hope is a Brisbane-based poet, writer, performer and general word-person who deeply believes in the incredible power of language. She’s passionate about weird clothes and weird art, and in her spare time she hosts youth poetry slams and searches for the perfect iced chai recipe.

Annabel says their happy place is the library, and they usually have at least one book on their person at all times. A passionate reader, musician, and composer, Azar also takes part in Robocup, and enjoys biking and hiking. Currently in Year 10, their favourite subjects are English, Physics and Music. Azar is looking forward to a curatorial role with BWF this year.

Nova is an avid reader and writer who enjoys fiction, especially fantasy series. They love Mythology, magic and animals of all kinds, and are currently in the process of writing their own novel. As of now, they are in grade 9 in school and want to be a film director once they graduate.