BWF presents

Pig City

Andrew Stafford + Yumi Stynes

Metro Arts

Brisbane as a Storied City


#About the event

Amazon lists 125 books about Woodstock but, as best anyone can tell, nobody has yet written a book before the concert

John Birmingham


Andrew Stafford

Andrew Stafford

Andrew Stafford is a freelance journalist and the author of Pig City: From The Saints To Savage Garden, a musical and political history of Brisbane first published in 2004. Something To Believe In, a music memoir, was published in 2019. His work appears regularly in the Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Griffith Review and more. You can find him on Twitter @staffo_sez and his Patreon page:

Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes is a broadcaster and author, currently on-air with the wildly popular ABC podcast, 'Ladies, We Need to Talk' which unpacks taboos and sexual health issues in bold and sometimes life-changing ways. She co-hosts a national radio show on the KiiS FM network called The 3pm Pickup which you've probably heard if you've been in a car between 3 and 4pm. One of her books, Welcome to Consent, was recently named the New York Public Library's TOP 50 books of the year. Her classic guidebook, Welcome to Your Period, has been in non-stop reprint since it first came out and has been translated to around 20 languages including Russian, Japanese and German. The book based on the podcast 'Ladies, We Need to Talk' came out late last year, and this year, Welcome to Your Boobs was published.

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