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Nic Carah + Sacha Molitorisz



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Nic Carah

Nic Carah

Nicholas Carah is an Associate Professor in Digital Media and Culture in the School of Communication and Arts at The University of Queensland. He is the author of Brand Machines, Sensory Media and Calculative Culture, Media & Society, and Pop Brands. He is currently working on research projects that examine the interplay between our creative adn participatory uses of digital media platforms to document out lives, the strategic interests of marketers and the data-processing power of machine vision. 

Sacha Molitorisz

Sacha Molitorisz

Sacha Molitorisz is an academic at the Centre for Media Transition at UTS and has a PhD in media, law and ethics. A former journalist, he worked for the Sydney Morning Herald for two decades. His previous books include From Here To Paternity. 

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