Being Black 'n Chicken, & Chips

Rhianna Patrick + Matt Okine

Brisbane Square Library



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Rhianna Patrick

Rhianna Patrick

Rhianna Patrick is a Torres Strait Islander media professional with over twenty years experience working across radio, tv, news and current affairs. After a long career at the ABC and more than a decade on air presenting national radio programmes for ABC Local Radio, Rhianna recently joined online Indigenous media organisation, IndigenousX.com.au as its Head of Audio and Podcasting.

Matt Okine

Matt Okine

Multi-talented actor, writer & presenter Matt Okine is one of Australia’s favourite award winning comedians, having spent over 15 years appearing on screens and stages around Australia and the world. Matt spent 3 years co-hosting Triple J radio’s hugely successful Breakfast Show before hanging up his headphones to produce The Other Guy for STAN. Adding to his many screen credits and stand-up successes, Matt published his debut novel Being Black N Chicken & Chips in 2019 with Hachette Australia and the YA edition published in April this year. He is currently working on a film adaptation with Wooden Horse Productions and the Oscar-nominated production team at Aquarius Films. 

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