The Fictionarium

Creativity and imagination are so important. They helps us understand and learn about the world. They lets us tell our stories in our own voices. And most importantly, they allow us to change the world for the better.

The Fictionarium is a space for you to explore your imagination and tell stories.

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Create a World Map

Create a map for your very own fictional world.

Design a Book Cover

Design the front and back covers of your own story, including writing a blurb.

Draw a Graphic Novel

Stories can be told not just in words, but in pictures too. Take your own story and bring it to life with your art.

The Reading Challenge

Challenge yourself to read some books you might not have read otherwise. Can you tick all the boxes and complete the challenge before the end of the school year?


Focus your mind and spend some quiet time looking for the words in this book-themed puzzle.

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