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Bonnie Garmus: Lessons in Chemistry

Bonnie Garmus + Frances Whiting

The Old Museum


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Bonnie Garmus (Second Event: Matinee Appearance) – Book Now


Bonnie Garmus

Bonnie Garmus

Bonnie Garmus is a copywriter and creative director who has worked for a wide range of clients, focusing primarily on technology, medicine, and education. She is an open-water swimmer, a rower, and mother to two wonderful daughters. Born in California and most recently from Seattle, she currently lives in London with her husband and her dog, 99. Her first novel, Lessons in Chemistry has been an international bestseller. It was voted Dymocks Book of the Year for 2022 and the International Book of the Year 2023 in the Australian Book Industry Awards. It has been translated into more than forty languages and has been adapted as an Apple TV series starring Brie Larson. 

Frances Whiting

Frances Whiting

Frances Whiting is one of Australia’s best known writers. Her debut novel Walking on Trampolines released to critical and popular acclaim in 2013 is a best seller in Australia the United States and Canada. In 2015 Walking on Trampolines was translated into Italian, German, Spanish, Slovenian, and Czechoslovakian. Frances’s second book The Best Kind of Beautiful released by Pan Macmillan in 2019, is a best seller and is currently in treatment for a television series with Escapade Media in Sydney. A senior feature writer for Queensland's premier weekend magazine Q Weekend in the Courier Mail, Frances is also a much loved columnist for the Sunday Mail and other Sunday newspapers around Australia with her weekly column now in its 24th year. 

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