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The Secret Life Of Whovians
Fri 8:30–10PM | 5th Fri
Maiwar Green
Free. No Bookings!

Sonic screwdrivers at fifty paces in a riotous discourse on DOCTOR WHO! with Ben McKenzie, Sean Williams, Lauren Beukes, and Damon Young.

Where's My Jetpack?
Sun 10–11AM | 7th Sun
The Studio, SLQ

Time travel and matter transmitters are cool technology but are they the future? Charlotte Nash, Sean Williams and Ben McKenzie explore some of SF’s biggest concepts, and how writing about them helps us interrogate the challenges and opportunities of our present.

Presented by Dendy Cinemas

Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie is a comedian, actor, writer and game designer. His next major work is Night Terrace, an original sci-fi comedy audio series starring Jackie Woodburne, coming in October. His games company Pop Up Playground is currently working with Bell Shakespeare on the live game #TrueRomansAll.

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